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From my memories, I started studying astrology about 19 years ago, when the book “Star Signs” from Linda Goodman was forgotten by a client in the store my auntie was working. She waited two weeks to be sure the client was not coming back anymore to finally give it to me. After this book, everything changed, and I was the one in school that every friend came to ask things like “I was born in March, what does that mean?” But even before that, my favourite birthday presents were witches from a famous Brazilian esoteric brand in the 1990s.

At 25 I found my true passion, that thing that puts my soul on fire: psychology. I dropped everything I was doing and went to study it. I fell in love with Carl Jung, the unconscious and the analytical psychology.

It was a bit after that that my moon in Aries began to burn, and when all that energy exploded, I came to where would be the second crucial moment of my life: London, and here I started my studies in astrology and tarot reading. It was there that I saw that everything was absolutely connected, and I was exactly where I should be.

Today I work as a tarot reader and astrologer, and I want to help people to have the same experience I had, to listen to signs and calls that put them on a path where they feel their soul burning on fire, the feeling of being in the right place.