The Jungian Hippie

January 19, 2021

I always find strange the fact that when we introduce ourselves we tend to say what we do for living as part of who we are, it's almost like it's part of our names: “Hi! I am Jess, I am a Jungian Psychoanalyst" - I am indeed, but I am many other things.

I am determined, intense, analytical, independent, volatile, sometimes too critical and judgemental. Also potentially loud in my personal relationships - I am Brazilian, it's in the blood. I guess my favourite and most said word is: “Why?” I just happen to love to know the reason of things.

If I like something, I become extremely passionate and devoted to that, spending all my time and energy invested on that interest, sometimes even more than I should. I am fascinated with themes like Reality & Consciousness, Time, Synchronicity, Greek Mythology, Astrology, Psychedelic Healing, Sacred Feminine, The Dark Goddess, The Universe, The Multiverse and of course, Jungian Psychology. Every day I wake up I feel grateful for having the chance to work with the thing I love the most.

But, this is not who I've always been… What if I tell you that I didn't believe in anything that became my work? That I used to do everything I could to prove people like me now, wrong? Tarot was for me a cheap trick; “Spiritual World” was a bullshit that didn't exist; Time was just the numbers inside the clock; Jungian Students at Uni were “hippies smoking weed, believing in the invisible” which I must admit, I was not completely incorrect with that one lol.

The only thing I always had with me since a kid was astrology but I don't even understand how, as no one in my family ever talked about it. I guess my passion for Mythology brought everything together and I was the chubby nerd that knew all the planets, myths, gods and astrological correspondences at 9 years old or less. But when I grew up, “Astrology was real, but ALL the rest for me was bullshit”.

During my first year at Uni I was totally going for Behaviourism Psychology and Neuroscience, I don't even like to think about the amount of time I spent going to Congress and Talks where my biggest pleasure was to make fun of people who believed in the Unconscious and “all that magic bullshit”. All that was not “SCIENCE”. Well, well, well, if the one who writes now is not the one that cries when hugging trees lol.

So you might ask yourself: What happened?

The answer is simple: I've found myself.

Life happened: Destiny. I've listened to the signs, the synchronicities became a map leading me to where I had to be (In my case, 9.177 km far from home). The Universe presented itself to me and even if I tried so hard to fight it, to tell myself that I was crazy, that nothing that I was seeing, feeling, predicting could be real… it was. It was like if I was living a constant Dream, a Deja Vú that never ended, it was like I was seeing the Invisible - and now I know that I was. I even didn't know what Tarot really was, but Tarot itself chased me in every possible way until I had to surrender,

I became who I was always meant to be, now I can see that many of the things I am today, I've always been, I was just fighting too hard to admit it. That's why spending so much time projecting jokes on the Other made sense, because it was easier than admitting that I was already one of them.

I guess now we can talk about what I do for living? Yes, so I am Jess, and I am a Jungian Analyst. I also do Tarot Readings, Astrology Charts and I teach people how to do it on my School: The Venus School, Academy of Higher Psyche.

My professional goal is simple, I want you to become who you are too. I want you to feel free, to stop being scared, to stop worrying what people would think if you finally break free from whatever is keeping you far from finding your essence. My work is to show you that everything you dream about is at the other side of fear.

I believe in Energy and in many realities. Life is a constant vibration, and somehow I can perceive, access and receive other frequencies than our everyday one, I know how crazy this might sound for a few, but yes, I simply can. It's not just because “Science” cannot prove things “Real” that it automatically proves the phenomenon “Unreal”, my mission is not only to help people to receive the messages, signals and advices that we have from these other layers, but also to help them understand that we all can access these vibrations, we all have the Universe within, we just have to find and refine its frequency.

How we receive this message is different to everyone - that's why I offer different techniques. Everyone has a different way to receive messages, and at the end they all come from the same place, we can call it Collective Unconscious, The Universe, The Spiritual Side… you can give whatever name feels right for you, in Jungian Therapy there is no right or wrong, there is only integration of opposites in order to find You in the middle term.

So you might be up for a reading, or maybe you feel like now is the time to finally go deeper and start Psychotherapy. Just listen to what your heart is calling you, why are you here reading this now? You might be just bored, or you spent your time reading this huge text just to judge this crazy Jungian Hippie that doesn't know Science.

Or maybe this is exactly the sign you've been looking for.

(Credentials: BSc in Psychology at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in Brazil, and Clinical Practice in Psychodynamic Therapy at SAP (Society of Analytical Psychology).

Currently doing a MSc in Spirituality, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology at The Liverpool John Moores University along with a Clinical Jungian Practice Training with the Jungian Institute in Lisbon.

I've been studying Astrology for more than 18 years. I've graduated at CPA (The Center of Psychological Astrology). My Tarot Graduation is Certified by the LSA (London School of Astrology) and my background on Analytical Psychology and studies on the work of C.G. Jung brings a Therapeutic style to my Tarot Reading sessions).

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