Natal Chart Analysis

£ 150 

In astrology, the sky is split into 12 parts and each is called a house. There are twelve constellations (Zodiac signs) along which the houses travel along. The position of the moon in one’s natal chart determines even the tiniest detail about his or her life ranging from personality to ego, memory, emotions, ego, how one responds to crisis, how one expresses his or her feelings, how one deals with emergencies, conscious and even subconscious actions.

A birth or natal chart is essentially a map of where all the planets were located at the exact moment you were born. An analysis of this chart can provide a deep insight into your personality, motivations, desires, your potential problem areas and how this information can be applied to enrich your life. It includes houses, placements, aspects and an explanation as to what they all mean, for your chart and for you.

This is a full birth chart reading. This reading will include all your planets in your chart, as well as your houses and your personal life path.

*Session: 1h.
**You will receive a personalised pdf with your natal chart.