Inner Mandala (Astrology Chart + Tarot)

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Like a clock, the zodiac is divided into 12 segments called houses, each governed by a different sign. The zodiac begins with the first square, and moves forward clockwise. Each house is associated with a group of traits, starting with the individual (identity) and expanding to the outside, the social and beyond.

When we read your map, we mix the meaning of each planet, the house it is in, and the sign that is there, to map the obstacles and gifts that you will have in this life. When a planet visits a house, it illuminates that part of its map, and energizes the features of that house. We use houses to predict which parts of your life will be in focus, and where you can make the best decisions.

The first six houses are called "Personal Houses", and the next six are called "Interpersonal Houses". With the combination of reading houses and the drawing of the tarot for a year forecast for each house, we were able to map the energy of the houses and their potential and challenges, and at the same time, use a card for each house as a Tarot Advice ( Universal Energy) on how to deal with that house. With each Card X Tarot Advice, we consider the theme of that house. So for example, if in the 7th house the tarot advises to be careful, he is talking about the theme of that house, in this example, relationships.

*Session: 1h.
**You will receive a personalised pdf with your natal chart.