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Tarot - Professional

£ 380 

A Professional Ten Modules Course, designed to all levels, divided into Ten Modules for those who want to become Professional Tarot Readers.

Benefits of the Tarot Card Reading Course:

The Professional Tarot Reading course includes the following benefits:

  • A welcoming kit (RSP 80.00) including a Tarot Deck and a Tarot Book posted for you if you live in the UK and Europe.
  • The course gives you the background you need to pursue a career as a Tarot card reader
  • Fully understand the meanings behind each one of the cards, allowing you to offer help and guidance to friends and family in need.
  • Learning new skills, such as how to cleanse your cards properly and when to use certain spreads to address specific questions.
  • Important legal and ethical considerations to keep in mind as you begin to read professionally.
  • The ability to study from any location with an internet connection.
  • You will be part of my students Private Group where we constantly exchange study material.

Here’s what the modules covers:

Module 1: An Introduction and History of Tarot

  • Tarot History and Culture Perspectives
  • Choosing your Deck
  • Understanding Symbols and Myths
  • Elements and Numerology

Module 2: The Minor Arcana – Cups and Their Meaning

  • Background about the Suit of Cups in your Tarot deck
  • The Suit of Cups in alternate decks
  • Meanings of the number cards
  • Meanings of the court cards

Module 3: The Minor Arcana – Swords and Their Meanings

  • Some background about the Suit of Swords
  • Information about the Suit of Swords in alternate decks
  • Detailed information about reading the number cards
  • Detailed information relating to the Court Cards

Module 4: The Minor Arcana – Pentacles and Their Meanings

  • The history of the Suit of Pentacles
  • Names for this particular suit in other decks
  • Information about each one of the number cards
  • Details about the Court Cards

Module 5: The Minor Arcana – Wands and Their Meanings

  • General information about the Suit of Wands
  • Background information about The Suit of Wands in alternate decks
  • Detailed information about each one of the number cards
  • The meanings behind each one of the Court Cards

Module 6: The Major Arcana – Part One

  • The Major Arcana in different decks
  • The Historical and Sociological background of The Major Arcana.
  • General meanings and interpretations of the Major Arcana.
  • Descriptions of cards 0 to X.
  • Deep and detailed interpretations  - We will cover the astrology, numerology, colour study, symbolic elements of each card.
  • Briefly mention to the Mythology Behind each Card (The Mythology and Archetypal Imagery of The Tarot is fully explored in the Jungian Tarot Course).

Module 6: The Major Arcana – Part Two

  • Descriptions and Study of cards XI to XXI.

Module 7: Understanding the Most Common Tarot Spreads

  • An introduction to Tarot spreads
  • Instruction on how to read a simple three-card spread
  • Information about the nine-card spread
  • When and how to interpret the information provided in a five-card spread
  • Study of certain patterns that might appear in your spreads

Module 9: How to Do a Tarot Reading for Yourself and Others

  • A brief study about Universal Energy and how to respect and honour your path as as a reader.
  • How to set intention.
  • How to prepare for a reading.
  • How to protect yourself energetically and psychologically.
  • Crystals, Herbs, Baths, Mantras and other tools to incorporate in your daily life as a reader.
  • Information about setting the mood for an accurate reading.
  • Tips on performing readings for yourself.
  • Ethical considerations to keep in mind.

Module 10: Working as a Professional Card Reader

  • The skills all professional readers need to develop.
  • Basic Counselling skills required for a session.
  • How to begin building your business.
  • Tarot Ethics.
  • Technical considerations.
  • Charging for your readings.
  • How to follow up with your clients.

+ Real Client

+ Case Study Project

The students with best results will have the chance to work for Velvet Venus as Resident Readers.

Who is this course for?

The Tarot Card Reading Certificate is designed for anyone who wants to become a Professional Tarot Reader, able to read tarot cards or start their own business as a tarot card reader.

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Important Information

  • The course will have 10 modules and practical activities. Is expected you to participate and incorporate the Magic of The Tarot into your daily life. Please understand that the aim of this course if for you to Become a Professional, so dedication and intention will be constantly required.
  • Refer a friend and receive a 10% discount as a refund.
  • There is a maximum number of students accepted in this group as I want to ensure the quality of the classes and the time dedicated to each one of them individually.
  • Classes are not refundable. When purchasing the course you are agreeing with this term.