Tarot reading

£ 60 

Don’t expect typical fortune telling tricks or answers to questions like “When exactly will I meet the love of my life?”

I work with the Therapeutic and Cosmic aspect of the Tarot. My study background in Psychology and my training in Analytical Psychotherapy will bring a touch of healing and self discovery to the reading. We will work together in the session and with the help of the cards I will guide you to find the answers that are inside yourself.

The Tarot reveals what do you need to know in the present moment of your life. In a session we will access the message and new perspectives that the Universe is sending to you now, in order to give you new mental, spiritual and energetic resources to deal with the situations around you.

*** Due to COVID-19 the sessions "1 hour" or "30 min" are temporarily online by Zoom ***
The readings "1 Question, 3 cards Reading and General Guidance" are delivered by email.