VVV 07 - Libra

£ 22 

is a perfume blend that brings strength and stability
Geranium, Lapis Lazuli and other secrets.

Romantic, compassionate, adaptable. The charming butterflies from the Zodiac, Libra has Venus’s energy and traits and as the balance, their mind and choices have a hard time to find stability. This natural and organic Perfume is an energised mix of herbs, crystals and oils that brings strength and commitment, alleviates indecision, and releases patterns of feeling yourself as “not enough”.

This blend was energetically cleansed and crystal energised with Libra's Gemstone Lapus Lazuli.


  • As your everyday perfume.
  • (Apply and rub it firstly on your wrists, to receive the herbal benefits faster in your circulatory system).
  • To charge your crystals, charms and amulets.
  • During meditations.
  • During affirmations.
  • When you have to make a decision.
  • To enhance your feminine energy/archetype.

Use it with intention (visualise with an open heart the benefits that the herbs will bring to you once applied).

Size: 10ml.

Vegan and Organic.

*Shake well before using it. Avoid contact with the eyes. Don't ingest.