VVV 09 - Sagittarius

£ 22 

is a perfume blend that brings tact and focus
Sandalwood, Turquoise and secrets.

The fun-loving-adventurous best friends and entertainers of the zodiac! Sagittarius are Intelligent, extremely honest and outspoken. But we all know that sometimes they could use a bit of tact. This natural and organic Perfume is an energised mix of herbs, crystals and oils aim to promote reflection and moderation, to relax busy minds, to increase the sense of grounding and joy in the present moment.

This blend was energetically cleansed and crystal energised with Sagittarius's Gemstone, Turquoise.


  • As your everyday perfume.
  • (Apply and rub it firstly on your wrists, to receive the herbal benefits faster in your circulatory system).
  • To charge your crystals, charms and amulets.
  • During meditations.
  • During affirmations.

Use it with intention (visualise with an open heart the benefits that the herbs will bring to you once applied).

Size: 10ml.

Vegan and Organic.

*Shake well before using it. Avoid contact with the eyes. Don't ingest.