VVV 11 - Aquarius

£ 18 

is a perfume blend that brings connection and flexibility
Neroli, Yellow Jasper and other secrets.

The creators, the rule-breakers, the progressive visionaries. Aquarius has strong opinions and personality, and creativity is the essence of their soul. But the friendliest sign can sometimes have a hard time to interpret and release their emotional side.
This natural and organic Perfume is an energised mix of herbs, crystals and oils aim to overcome the tendency to hide away, to help idea’s digestion, to calm overactive minds, and alleviate the fear of creating roots and opening the heart.

This blend was energetically cleansed and crystal energised with Aquarius's Gemstone, Yellow Jasper.


  • As your everyday perfume.
  • (Apply and rub it firstly on your wrists, to receive the herbal benefits faster in your circulatory system).
  • To charge your crystals, charms and amulets.
  • During meditations.
  • During affirmations.

Use it with intention (visualise with an open heart the benefits that the herbs will bring to you once applied).

Size: 10 ml

Organic and Vegan.

*Shake well before using it. Avoid contact with the eyes. Don't ingest.