Jessica is very careful and intense. She dives with you during the reading and the result could not be better: an incredible session that will leave you open-mouthed.
— Carolina, Sao Paulo.

Jessica surprised me with her method, which was the most spiritualized and at the same time full of psychological questions that I’ve ever had. Her reading brought me questions and answers at the same time. Thank you for handing me a new glasses to help me read my book in another way.
— Manu, Rio de Janeiro.

We did the Skype session, (even with the retrograde Mercury). Jessica starts showing you the cards, explaining the symbology and connects them to your question. She also shows you a way, an advice about how could you see that situation or even solve it.

Was amazing how very accurate everything was, even though she knew only the nature of my anguish and not the problem itself.

It’s like a kind of therapy: you’re there for a deep dive into yourself.
The Tarot is a spectacular self-knowledge tool and I fully understood it after my session with Jessica.
— Vanessa, Sao Paulo.