The Venus School

Tarot is not only a divination ancestral wisdom. Tarot, when studied properly, is a very powerful self-knowledge tool. You can decide to learn Tarot for different reasons, and The Venus School has courses to attend different needs.

You can study to become a Professional Tarot Reader, and you can also study it even if you don’t want to read to other people or earn money from it, but want to use it as a deep connecting tool self-discovery tool.

Every course is available online and in person (if you are in London/UK).


Tarot Basics

One of the most common situations with people who is studying Tarot, is how to combine and to interpret different cards, especially in a big reading.

On this class you will learn how to combine and read all the cards together for deeper understanding. You will also learn how to do 3 new bigger readings - The Tree of Life, The Double Celtic Cross and The Mandala Reading.


Tarot Intermediate

This part of the Class will deeply analyse the 22 cards from the Major Arcana.

Far from the typical common sense classes, here you can expect to historically uncover all the secret messages and symbols on every single card. This course will deeply analyse the Major Arcana using History, Anthropology, Astrology, Numerology and Hermetics.

At the end of this class, you will be able to interpret a full celtic cross reading.


Tarot Advanced

This Class will cover the basics of the Tarot. With this lessons you will understand where did Tarot came from historically and socially, and how did it changed and evolved during time. You will learn how Tarot is connected to Psychology and Astrology. You will study the Natural Four Elements and understand how they are the base for any reading, and connect them to the basic Tarot’s Four Elements and Numerology.

At the end of this class, you will have your own Tarot deck and you will be able to do a 3 cards reading using the Minor Arcanas and the Court Cards.