Jessica Velvet Venus

My name is Jessica, I was born in Brazil and I am now based in London/UK. I am a Libra with an Aries Moon. I love to cook for the ones I love, to buy plants. I had 6 dogs that are on my heart and mind every single day of my life. I love to watch Gaia and documentaries about plants and animals, psychology, psychedelics, myths. (Do you know that crows can build amazing tools and little knifes?).

I could never imagine my life the way it is now, but I am absolutely sure that it was always meant to be like this, like now. It took me years to wake up and realise that being truly alive was the experience of defying reality, in order to understand the location and position of ourselves within the Universe - and the other way around. I never planned to work with Tarot, Healing, Magic. It was the Universe who taught me that this was always my path, my mission.

I've started my BSc in Psychology at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in Brazil, and today I am doing my clinical practice in Psychodynamic Therapy at SAP (Society of Analytical Psychology) and an MSc in Spirituality, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology at The Liverpool John Moores University.

I believe in many realities and that life is a happy vibration. Somehow, I can perceive, access and vibrate other frequencies than our everyday one. My mission is to help people to receive the messages, signals and advices that we have from these other sides, to help people to find their path, their true, their higher self.

I've been studying Astrology for more than 18 years. I am a current student at CPA (The Center of Psychological Astrology). My Tarot Graduation is Certified by the LSA (London School of Astrology) and my background on Analytical Psychology and studies on the work of C.G. Jung brings a Therapeutic style to my Tarot Reading sessions.

“Jessica is a star witch who uses Jungian savvy to weave around the maze of your brain” - Siân D.

"Jessica is a tarot reader & astrologer. Her style is quite different from the typically known "Fortune Teller", as she uses her background in analytical psychology together with tarot as a personal tool for healing and development." - Rachel Ho for Women in Tottenham Article:


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